Your Child`s Progress

Assessments and parents Evenings - our partnership with you

Regular assessment takes place throughout the Early Years Foundation Stage to enable us to see how your child is progressing and to plan for the next steps in their learning.

This is done informally through observation of the children in their own independent play as well as through adult led activities. We welcome you to share your observations of your child’s play based learning at home. We have postcards that you can write on to tell us about your child’s learning at home. Each child has a ‘Learning Journey’ book where we put photos, observations, pictures and work done by your child. You are welcome to contribute and regularly look at this book and you will be able to take this home at the end of their time in our EYFS.

At the end of the Reception year, these assessments are summarised in the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile which is a national assessment scheme. This provides information for teachers, parents and the LEA on each child’s progress, achievements and future learning needs.

A parents’ evening will be arranged to discuss your child’s progress in the Autumn and Spring term. At the end of the Summer term, we send home a written report. A copy of this will be kept at school and passed to the next teacher. Please always feel free to ask us about anything you are concerned about or are happy about.

We look forward to working in partnership with you—sharing information and involving you in your child’s continuous learning and development.

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