Reception Admissions

We offer 45 Reception places each year for children wanting to join our reception class.

Children who have their fifth birthday between 1st September and 31st August will start in the September before they turn five.

Children’s names are placed on our waiting list and places are allocated by the Local Authority in the following priority order:

  • Looked-after children or children in public care.
  • Children with exceptional medical or social needs.
  • Children who have a brother or sister (living at the same address) already attending the school.
  • Children who live nearest to the school.

Applying for a Reception place

To apply for a Reception place you need to contact the Local Authority of Manchester.  You will be asked to complete an application form online for your child and submit it before the deadline for applications.  A late application could result in your child not getting a place at the school of their choice.

To apply for a place in our Reception class you must:

  • complete an Application Form online
  • ensure that your form is submitted before the deadline date.

Further information and specialised forms can be found on the Local Authority’s website at

The contact details for Local Authority of Manchester are listed below:

Integrated Admissions
Directorate for Children and Commissioning Services
Manchester City Council
P.O. Box 532
Town Hall Extension
M60 2LA

Telephone: 0161 245 7166
[email protected]

If you have applied for a school place for your child at our school, and that application has been refused in writing, you have a right to appeal against that refusal. It is important that the refusal decision is in writing, the Local Authority will not accept an appeal if you have visited a school and been told the school is full and so have not made a formal application for a place there. For further information regarding a school appeal please visit the Local Authority’s website at where you will find appeal forms and contact details for the Independent School Appeals Service.

If the Local Authority does not allocate your child a place at our school and you do not wish to appeal, there are still options open to you:

  • The Local Authority will try to give you a place at your second or third choice school.
  • The Local Authority will offer a place in another local school.
  • At the same time, you will be put on the waiting list for our school.


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