Your Child`s Day

A mix of structured learning and free play

For certain times of the day, children stay in their allocated rooms with their own class group and key workers.

At other times, all the doors are opened and children are free to move and learn throughout the unit, both inside and out.

Children work sometimes with an adult, for example learning their letters and sounds, playing a maths game or sharing a story.

At other times they work independently making their own choices about their learning, for example playing in the sand and water, dressing up and acting out a story in our role play area, making models with construction bricks, painting pictures and balancing on our climbing frame.

Sometimes a child may play alone while at other times they may play and co-operate as part of a larger group.

The children learn to respect each other, to give and take and to respect each other’s wishes. We discourage hurting and hitting back. We prefer to talk to children about problems as they arise and encourage them to take part in making decisions towards an appropriate outcome. 

In every area, all children are offered equal, but often differentiated learning opportunities. They are encouraged to join in all activities and to value themselves and others. Multicultural issues are included in our themes and we encourage the children to develop open-minded, positive attitudes and values.

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