Intent of Reading

Please see below for an overview of Reading.

St Paul’s puts reading at the heart of the curriculum. We strive to foster a love of reading at school and at home. We believe reading is an entitlement that should enable children to connect with some of the finest words ever written. It should open up a world of possibility and intrigue and is a fundamental life skill which, enables children to communicate effectively in all areas and equips them for the challenges they will face in the wider world. 


Our reading curriculum is designed to meet the context of our school. It equips our children with the knowledge and skills needed to be confident learners.

We instil in all our children a positive attitude towards a wide range of literature so that they develop a lifelong love of reading. The curriculum is designed to be inclusive and progressive to ensure that all children master the skills necessary to enable them to read with confidence. We believe that reading is key to academic success so we ensure that there are significant opportunities across the wider curriculum for children to embed their reading skills. Reading is an interconnected skill in which children need to, confidently, be able to apply across a wide range of subject areas. The programmes of study are designed to allow children to make rich connections, consolidate and deepen their learning. 

 Speaking and listening is prioritised in order to build vocabulary for all learners in order to understand more complex texts. 


We intend that our pupils will be both independent and reflective readers who can read fluently and for meaning.


We provide rich, meaningful discussions around texts, where all children feel confident and able to contribute by using their reading skills to access all areas of learning.










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